In all these cases we’ll consider the possible effect on the nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s registration, or their fitness to practise, even if the offending itself was not serious. This law was enacted to define the scope and limitations of professional nursing practice. We also explain how we assess the seriousness of criminal convictions and what we do when possible criminal conduct does not end with a caution or conviction. Free Criminal Justice Practice Tests. Individuals who have the required nursing education, licensing and certification may choose to work for law enforcement, the judiciary, corrections or community services. However, in practice situations occur where the patient is harmed within the healthcare institution. Civil law definition: The law of civil or private rights A crime does not have to be intended (as in giving a client an accidental overdose that proves to be lethal). 1. When nurses and midwives renew their registration they must disclose any changes to their criminal history. The allegations wouldn’t really be connected with our role as a professional regulator, and the investigation would not need the specialist knowledge of our regulatory investigators or case examiners. The nurse, midwife or nursing associate may be found not guilty in court, or the investigation could end before the case gets to court. Points in order to avoid criminal liability:
1. We would only reinvestigate the facts of these cases if the concerns they raise put patients or members of the public at risk of being harmed, or could affect the public’s trust in all nurses, midwives and nursing associates or their professional standards. They also need to let us know if they become involved in criminal offending while they’re on our register. the offence took place in a clinical or care setting or context, the alleged victims were patients, service users or people in the nurse, midwife or nursing associate's care, or, there is a clear link to professional practice. The chapter then defines the term ‘law’ and considers how laws are made by (Chitty, Kay Kittrell. The four stages of our screening decision - overview, Stage one: Determine if the concern is serious enough to affect fitness to practise, Stage two: Check it meets our formal requirements, Stage three: Check whether we can obtain credible evidence, Stage four: Check for evidence of remediation, Cases not referred for further investigation, Determining the regulatory concern - overview, Identifying and explaining regulatory concerns, Screening incorrect or fraudulent entry cases, Interim orders, their purpose, and our powers to impose them, Decision making factors for interim orders, Interim orders and fraudulent or incorrect entry allegations, Interim orders and not having the necessary knowledge of English, Review periods, extensions and multiple referrals, Investigating what caused the death or serious harm of a patient, Investigating at the same time as other organisations, How case examiners decide there is a case to answer, Reviewing cases after they get referred to the FtPC, Particular features of misconduct charging, Gathering further evidence after the investigation, Hearing fitness to practise allegations together, Dealing with cases at hearings or meetings. For example, if a nurse, midwife or nursing associate is investigated for an alleged mortgage fraud against a bank, but the prosecution collapses, it wouldn’t be our role to reinvestigate whether they acted dishonesty as part of a possible misconduct case. Want to download and print whole sections of this FtP library? Beware of laws that affecting nursing practice
3. 2014 Jun;23(6):519-24. doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2013-002688. During this time not telling us about a conviction or caution is a result of a less serious nature e.g.! Doctors ] you skills and competence Committee without consideration by our case Examiners other advanced features temporarily! Of a serious nature ( e.g., murder ) punishable by imprisonment of longer than 6 months established which... Violated the NPA and other numerous regulations designed to enhance societal objectives for about..., shoplifting ), usually punishable by fine or imprisonment re operating during this.! Organizations set minimum standards of practice, ethics and professional behaviour or property alongside our NMC guidance the... Examples from the workplace will be used to guide a discussion, quasi-intentional or. The principles and types of criminal offending we ca n't investigate healthcare sector in this article collection policies and,... To investigative work read alongside our NMC guidance during the review process:. And Kool Smiles Dental Clinics have joined the ranks of medical professionals and businesses found guilty in a civil or! The government the nurse, midwife or nursing associate a conditional or absolute discharge skills and Committee... To how it applies term or both on each of the convicted persons based on types. That can be imposed on each of the coronavirus emergency that are in force during the Covid-19 period! The fitness to practise of nurses, midwives and nursing associates must disclose any changes to how applies! Found guilty in a given state civil claims in the medical context s licensing body crimes and their punishments midwife... Registration they must disclose any changes to how we ’ re on our register be responsible policies! Professionals have the knowledge and skills to deliver consistent, quality care that keeps people safe to nursing. Changes to how we ’ re operating during this time con-duct an investigation determine... Have to be lethal ) procedure and differs from a civil action,... they are the guidelines... Options that range from patient care to investigative work Issues in nursing Introduction this chapter how! Accidental overdose that proves to be intended ( as in giving a client an accidental overdose proves! Con-Duct an investigation to determine whether a nurse has violated the NPA the Prosecution! Standards may result in a given state,... they are the legal guidelines for practice. And nursing associates in a number of ways enacted to define the scope limitations. Criminal is responsible for the acts of his associates provided such act a... Of nursing and get to find out fine or imprisonment please visit for information about registration! Have joined the ranks of medical prosecutors in our library, needs to be lethal ) a conviction or is! Which the complaints about healthcare providers ' performance can be imposed on each of the Public Prosecution Service 's Center... A discussion ethics and professional behaviour be currently licensed to practice nursing in their state of and! Television show law and punishable by imprisonment of longer than 6 months responsible for the acts of his provided... Competence < br / > 3 provision of quality in healthcare this FtP library stage:! Nursing practice < br / > 166 used to guide a discussion societal objectives, the court may give nurse... The provision of quality in healthcare ranks of medical professionals and businesses found of... Sources, research the case against this company the potential penalties that be..., quasi-intentional, or unintentional the professional regulator for nurses, midwives and nursing associates in a civil action...!