Online Slots compared with Live Slots

The 21st century gives you a lot of options in the sphere of slots gaming. Lately you have just played slot machines only if you had the opportunity to play in the legalized gambling places as, for example, Las Vegas, Indian Casino or Atlantic City. Nowadays thanks to online casinos, it has become possible to play slot machines at home. And still which is better? Whether you should go to live casinos or try yourself playing online slots in the comforts of your house? Each side has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage of online slots: payback

The play in live slots has been dominated by the players’ hunt for so-called “Loose” machines – the ones that were more likely to give payouts rather than the others. Somebody thought that these machines were specially placed at the front part of casinos, so the passers-by could see these slots being hit; others believed that loose machines could only be placed in a bank of the tight slot machines. Online slots have put the full stop on the hunting for loose machines. The payback for online slots can be found out specifically, so it is possible to choose the ones with the highest payback. About 95% for each dollar put in is paid back by some online slots; sometimes this figure is even more. But the leading live slots pay back usually just about 90%.

Advantage of online slots: selection

As there a lot of different slots in live casinos, still the number of machines is limited, and there can be lack of seats for the game that you wish to play. Online slots never create this problem. You have the opportunity to play any machine you like, any time you want. Online slot machines really allow the instant actions no matter what you want. It is up to you to decide, which options to use.

Advantage of live slots: special casino atmosphere

Online casinos provide a great variety of games for entertaining and gamblers’ amusing. Though, finally everything that you see in front of you is a screen accompanied by computerized sounds. Each player who has ever been in live casinos knows the awesome display which is presented by the bank of real slot machines. Different bells, lights, colors, whistles are the side to behold. Playing slots in a live casino you get more complete and full casino experience.

Disadvantage of live slots: casino awareness

Though the operators of casino do their best to help and make you forget about the outer world, the real fact is that when you find yourself in a casino you understand that you really in a casino. Even if you have completely forgotten yourself in playing slots, there are still some external factors which distract you from playing such as running out of money of lack of time. Playing slots at home, you have nowhere to go, nothing will slow you down, and if you don’t observe your discipline, you can lose even more than you bankroll had.

Why you should always bet max coins on slots

Both live and online slots have the option to play the multiple coins. Some multi-coin machines give you more paylines to win on, but the majority are the multiplier machines which multiply your winning amount. Though you may treat slots machines in the different way - that one coin is equal to one spin, the wisdom here is that on every spin you should play the maximal amount of coins. Here is an answer.

Maximal payout

The most obvious thing is that the more you play, the more actually you can win. Certainly, you also risk more, but if you can manage your bankroll successfully, so that you have much room to play at the slot you've chosen, you can have fun to go for the bigger scores without risking your bankroll.

Ease of play

If you want to figure out the number of coins to play each time when you spin, this will slow down your general experience. But at the same time, if you're playing max each time, you just can hit the button named "bet max coins" every time when you want to spin.

Progressive jackpot

It is the most ponderable reason to play the max amount of coins. For hitting the rarest set of symbols progressive slot machines sometimes offer absolutely astronomical progressive jackpots. Once having hit one of these jackpots you will forever have your slot play in the black. Anyway, you won’t win the progressive jackpot until you bet the maximal coins number on the spin. The idea to hit such a massive jackpot and not to get it paid off will be really disastrous.

How to play maximum coins

You can think that you are not prepared to risk 5 dollars a spin. If you hit a bad run on this slot, you will have a short day. $1-2 per spin is your limit. All you need is move down from $1-machine to a quarter machines, and then you're ok. You just risk $1.25 per spin; you feel all the good points of playing maximum. One more possibility is concerning the five-coin machine. If you play this type of machine, each time you can play the max for only $2, still you will be eligible for all the bonuses or jackpots to play the full amount.

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